His 2-legged dog went missing after a big commotion and 40 people had to conduct the search


Duncan Lou is not your usual dog. The dog has two legs after his back legs were amputated. However, that does not stop Lou from living his life to the fullest. Duncan uses his two front legs to bounce around.

Duncan and his owners got into a terrifying car crash as they drove through the Yellowstone National Park. They hit a buffalo and the car flipped five times. Fortunately, nobody got hurt but Duncan went missing.

Gary, Duncan’s dad, organized a search party of nearly 40 to look for their dog. It took the help of an experienced search and rescue person to find their dog. Duncan was found in a quarry approximately 300 yards from the road.

The family was reunited with their dog at last. Despite the challenges Duncan faces, his amazing drive and love for life is inspiring.

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