8 cloggers with their ‘fancy feet’ moves made the crowd go mad.


Have you ever in your life watched people performing something like that they are absolutely crazy and think that you in your life can never expect to perform like that crazy. Yes, that what you will actually feel after watching this video below. We must truly appreciate the unspeakable talent of the clogging dance team, which is simply mesmerizing to watch. The six young women and 2 young men had taken their respective places on the stage by facing opposite the crowd. The audience at the first was completely blank about them and what they were going to perform at this stage as well. The just started their performance with the popular number by Andy Grammer, “”Honey I’m Good” and the dancers started with their quick actions.

The cloggers were flipping around the audience and immediately set the stage on fire by showing up their “fancy foot” moves, which was just amazing to watch and the crowd started enjoying their dance moves. Everyone seating in the audience started tapping into the rhythm of the song, with the fat moving feet as well. Those people, who were not accustomed to these categories of dances as clogging is completely different from a traditional tap. This two different dance style not only requires different types of shoes but also the cloggers makes the typical dancing sounds with their heels that are completely opposite to tappers. The tappers mainly step on the balls of their feet only.

The cloggers also danced with the other group members are enjoying the dance moves and tap dancers are mostly played by a solo artist. However, both the dance form is impressive and much enjoyable for watching.
The 8 cloggers in this video are mainly stunningly performing. And the crowd with the cloggers ‘fancy feet moves’ cheering loudly from the starting to the end of the dance. You must watch this 8 cloggers performance as it will make you feel happy and “knock your socks off!”

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