ABig Mistake Made On Live Television And His Response Leaves People In Stiches.


Cory McCloskey is the weatherman of FOX 10 withinPhoenix, AZ. He is quite different from other weathermen.  For instance when news anchors have nothing to sayparticularly when something goes wrong, Cory is able to continue with his own sense of humor. Today he faced a big problem due to the weather map malfunctions. He handles the situation in in a manner that made his fellow workers and everyone laugh hysterically.

The team in charge of production unintentionally messed up the temperature around the phonix. The particular temperature was 2960 degrees Celsius. This was really high even if it was Arizona but Corey handled the situation in a laughable manner. It is always good to get the temperatures straight when looking at the weather. One would think that Corey would panic or apologize but he ended up making the situation a comedy bit. Some individuals watching this from their homes thought that Corey was becoming serious.
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