This Adorable Boxer Can’t Let Her Blow-Dry Her Hair. This Will Leave You In Tears!


There comes a time when one needs to blow-dry the hair very quickly and leave. Just like most people, I have been there before.

Here, the mum to Christopher Vaughan is doing puppy-sitting for his boxer who is 10 months of age. While doing that, she tries drying her hair though the little fellow wants all the attention and can’t let her do it.

As opposed to being frustrated as a result of the dog’s reaction when she tries to use her blow-dryer, she starts recoding the whole scenario so as to let the parents of the puppy be aware of the message through eh video. So amazing!

Marley the boxer is successful in stopping his grandmother from blow-drying the hair and goes an extra step to attach the blow-dryer. He behaves as if he wants to consume it.

When around pets like this one, tasks like hair drying can be hard to perform. But all in all, we can’t do away with our adorable friends since we need them to make our moments enjoyable.

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