The Baby Was About To Die. When He Finally Meets A Blind “Mother”… So Sweet!


The first time we come across Henry (a tiny piglet), he’s in a poor condition and about to die. He was rescued from one farm factory while he was weak and cold.

Henryand his siblings were not any different from most of the animals that grow up in farm factories. His mother was not in a position to take care of him since she never even had the ability to move.

Guys from Brightside Farm Sanctuary made a decision to rescue Henry and take him to a safe home and since then, he’s been making noticeable improvements. He has regained his mental and physical health within a few days. He has even made a new friend called Raffy (a golden retriever that’s blind) who plays a role of a mother to him.

You will notice the kind of affection and comfort which the two offer each other once you watch this clip. Irrespective of Raffy’s special needs, she now has a new reason to live and Henry has the mother’s love which he always missed.

The Brightside Farm Sanctuary deserves some credit for the good work they have done to the two. They provided the best platform for these soul mates to know what true friendship and love means.

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