Woman Notices She Is Being Treated Very Differently At The Hospital. But Never Expected This Would Be The Reason.


The teacher was young and enthusiastic, in her first year of teaching. The school she was assigned to was in one of the poorest towns in the province of Havana. Water was scarce. Most of it came from wells located on one side of town. She saw people around the school carrying buckets of water every day for use in their houses. The children were always clean no matter how old, tattered or patched their clothing was.

The teacher’s favorite pupil was a nine-year-old girl with brown hair and expressive eyes. She smiled all the time. She was always tidy and her hair well-combed. Her dress was washed and ironed but her shoes were almost gone. The teacher didn’t believe much more could be done for them. By the beginning of the second semester, the little girl’s shoes were nothing more than rags wrapped around her feet. That weekend the teacher bought a brand-new pair of shoes for the little girl. They were made of genuine leather and had a bow on top. They looked lovely on the girl’s feet.

After the school year, the teacher requested a transfer. The poverty was too much for her to take emotionally. She succeeded in her bid to transfer to the city of Havana, and to a school where most children came from a better background. The teacher taught there for over thirty years until she retired and began devoting her time to reading and writing.

One day she was taken to a small private clinic with double pneumonia. She had been paying her membership quota at the clinic for years but had never used it. She was surprised at the good services and attention she received from the clinic’s personnel. It seemed as if the doctors and nurses were going out of their way to please her. One day, she told another patient how satisfied she was with the care she was receiving at the place.

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