Bikers see a cow in labor and decide to do the following. What an act of love demonstrated!


As a matter of fact, human mothers giving birth are assured of support and help in case anything goes wrong. Generally, help is needed in many cases like for instance when the baby’s umbilical cord is wrapped on the body.

But on the other hand, the animals do not have this advantage that we human beings have. This advantage only happens when human beings near to animals giving birth.

In the following clip, we see some bikers who decided to stop biking when they came across a cow that was about to deliver. What was happening is that the calf was in a breech position, and the cow needed help.

We can clealy see how the biker removes his shirt so as to be ready in helping the cow to deliver. With some struggles, he finally gets a good grip of the calf and puts a rope around the hooves. With the help of other bikers, they pull the calf out successfully.

In the clip below, you can see how they all help her in some way. A few keep her steady and calm, while one reaches into her womb to pull out the baby.

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