Can You Imagine A Bird Answering Like This After Being Given A Normal ‘Hello’? Unbelievable!


Warning: Some adult rated language is contained in this video!

This scene took place at the DMV where the man in question was waiting and from the blues a crow came to where he was just sited. From the look of things, this bird looks very friendly and even dares to get closer to him than you could expect most birds to do.

Surprised by that, the man goes ahead and initiates a chat. He begins by saying ‘Hello’ to the bird. I highly doubt whether he expected any answer from the bird in any case. His expectations are met until the bird finally decides to answer! Can you imagine how the bird answered the man? You have to watch this to affirm by yourself. Just like me, the man could not hold his laugher back. Surely, this made my day!

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