Bride leaves the Groom in tears when she bursts into a song while walking down the aisle


As the bells blare out, the groom nervously waits for his bride at the church. Hand in hand with her dad, she comes out as soon as the doors open. But there is a unique aspect of this wedding of the Norwegian couple.

The bride-to-be took a mic from behind her gown and started singing, “You Raise Me Up”, just as she walked down the aisle at the Alesund Church.

The signal leaves the groom, Ronny Eidsvik, choked up right away. While wiping the tears from his eyes, Maria gave the microphone to Charles, her dad. Charles put a twist to the tune “And now it’s time to give away my daughter.”
This is one rare wedding surprise you don’t see too often. While dancing, singing, and song are all general aspects of a wedding, you don’t regularly see someone performing while walking down the passageway. It was an extraordinary way for Maria to show her love and affection.

As stated by a The Local, Maria was a contender on Norwegian Idol in 2006. She purportedly finished third in general, which is not a surprise after listening to his voice. It is possible she inherited that from her dad.

This clip was uploaded to YouTube on Aug 8 and has over four million views.

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