California woman saves her friend’s life from Hurricane Irma despite being 3000 miles away


Hurricane Irma continues to wreak havoc in Florida, and Kristina Barneskiwas the latest victim of the ferocious flood. Kristina is reportedly disabled and was hunkered in her Daytona Beach home. She felt helpless at the monster storm raged on.

Kristina called her friend Hannah Brown who was 3,000 miles away. Kristina’s, messages were desperate and Hannah knew she had to step in.

Kristina reported that her apartment was flooded and the water levels were dangerously high. Hannah offered solutions but it was impossible to get out. Hannah began sending out messages on Facebook and Twitter asking people to help her friend. Kristina went live on Facebook asking for pleas.

It was a long shot but Kristina was able to find help. A team of emergencyrespondents saved Kristina.

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