Cameras Are Set Within An Animal Hospital. The Result? So Incredible!


Hope is what millions of Americans that have disabilities live on each and every day.  They hope for friendship and reclaiming or gaining independence. From time to time, they are given that hope by different organizations that offer them trained assistant dogs.

Lives of people have been transformed by a Dog’s Eyes offered by PBS.  This is a documentary done by Jennifer Arnold, who is the director and founder of Canine Assistants. Watch the video below to see what the whole journey entails.

It’s unbelievable that such a tiny puppy controls someone’s life. This video is about the many families who have been touched by these assistance dogs in one way or the other. From children who have special needs to soldiers with trauma disorders, the list is quite long!

These dogs are trained to sense the emotional state of their owners and engage them according to their feelings, smell and sight.  This reminds me of a service dog who was ample to detect PTSD symptoms of his owner when he attended an interview. So stunning!
This is a trailer I plan to be busy watching over this weekend!

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