Can You Believe They Pulled This From A Thin Ice Upon Hearing Cries For Help? Whoa!


Since I own a dog, I always fail to understand what I should make out of situations like this. What could have I done If my very own was a victim of such circumstances?

Our dog always had the freedom to walk around the woods and ponds that surrounded the area we lived while kids. Being a clever dog, she knew to stay away from all that resembles ice; unfortunately not every dog has that luck. Sometimes it is hard for dogs to recognize ice as it is covered by snow and they can easily get into it.

A rather large dog that has fallen into the ice in Poland is the subject of this daring rescue. Slipping further into the cold water while barking and crying, the poor dog was doing his best to keep his head above the ice.The rescue operation that firefighters undertake is quick, but careful. They get a ladder onto the ice by using a specifically designed tool to hook the dog’s collars. I’m pretty sure dog lovers are more than relieved when this rescue mission comes to an end.

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