Celine Joins Barbra For THIS Duet. When They Hit The High Note, Everyone’s Jaw Dropped.


Celine Dione And Barbra Streisand ‘s Collabo Will Drive You Crazy
Singing is a talent. Every artist should master the art of singing in order to succeed in the competitive music industry. It also makes the whole difference between a music legend and a person who was once an artist. We cannot talk about music legends without mentioning Celine Dione. She is still relevant in the industry up today. Her amazing voice coupled with beautiful looks have made her a great artist that will forever be remembered.
This wonderful video features collaboration between Celine Dione and Barbra Streisand. The two ladies are seen in studio together. One is holding a piece of paper containing lyrics.
The producer is in the studio with the piano. Studio equipments such as microphone are also available.
The ladies begin to sing a romantic song entitled ‘’Tell Him’’. The producer makes nice beats which go inline with the song, making it sound superb.
They sing with deep feelings. This is expressed in their body language.

They finish with a puchline which says never let him go. They look into each others face as they hug one another.

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