When these Christians start singing, you can’t resist the grace


Back in 2009, something really beautiful happened in the gospel world. A group of Christian pop singers ganged up and released a first EP that quickly went viral, prompting the group, then named Yellow Cavalier, to want to take on some more. They later renamed the group Anthem Lights, and it’s been lighting the way to heaven ever since!

Even after one of their best, Alan Powell, left the group for an acting career, he was replaced by Kane Spencer and they still rocked. The group is responsible for stealing millions of hearts of people with their incredibly captivating hymnal mash-ups. In 2015, they did something that swept everyone off their feet!

They produced a mash-up that garnered over 2.5 million views. This video covers some of their greatest features, and you’re sure to fall for every second of it. Just click play and watch.

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