A Comedian Duo Goes On Stage With Only Towels On… This Is Crazy!


This is the time when the reality television talent competitions are in rise. Many competitors have come out with surprising moves, but this comedian duo known as Les hommes à poêles
are way far too good in their dance routine.

This comedian duo, really made the audience run crazy by performing; a sizzling, piquant, and clowning dance style during, Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde, a tapping French TV show. With only a towel wrapped on then, and two sauce pans on each, these comedians do some crazy dance while putting on the chef’s hats. The interesting thing about them is that, however vigorous and crazy the dance was, they managed to keep their private parts wrapped all the time with modesty, a thing that the audience were sharp on to see if some towels would fall!

It is interesting to watch how they move their bodies in a provocative but funny way. This is the absolute reason why the video has more than five million viewers! Their moves are very well choreographed, but upon watching, you will come to think that they never rehearsed the dance.

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