To Connect The Family, The Parents Had To Disconnect Something. I Cheered!


Nothing annoys a loving mom more than a kid who won’t connect properly to the family. Diner-times are one of those good moments when a family sits together around a table and spends a joyful time of delicious meals and shares daily stories of their lives. However, technology has intruded into the family, and a texting kid won’t even be aware of her/his siblings’ presence. They’re too engulfed in connecting to the outside world that they overlook the blessing of a family right before them.

Some parents came up with a fair solution. Here is a device that can detect when you’re at dinner and want all your family members off the internet and other electronic devices so you can share some quality time as a family. All you have to do is crack some peppers, and this device will jam all electronics, including T.Vs, Wi-Fi networks and mobiles.

Nobody will know what happened. The management software does its job remotely, so it could all appear as just an electronic glitch, and then you end up with all of your family paying attention. Brilliant!

This video shows this trick at its testing, and you have to agree that a family connects more when disconnected from these devices. The concept of using pepper was just for testing purposes.

Watch the video and let’s know what you think of this idea.

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