Courageous And Unperturbed Dana Exposes Her New Face After Burns!


I have learnt to acknowledge every moment in my life because life is full of transformations. Your present condition can change due to another condition unexpectedly. I‘ll live to embrace and respect my present as I prepare for the future. Many people have managed to keep heart and move on after facing various tragedies which is a great encouragement.

One’s life can also change completely and suddenly because of other people’s mistakes. Dana, a pretty, young Australian lady is a good example. Her life changed suddenly and unexpectedly due to jealousy.She was attacked by a woman who was jealous of her talking to her husband during a party. Gosh! She ruined the adorable, little lady’s face. Dana’s smooth- skinned face was turned to a weird looking face. She was suffering from severe burns. She ended up with terrifying third degree burns to almost 60% of her body.

Dana never lets one pull her leg down. She does not lose hope till she achieves her desires. She never lets depression and fear set in her path. Emulating an example of Rebekah Gregory Di Martino, who lost a leg in the Boston Marathon attacks but has lots of joy in her, she continued courageously.

Dana was not perturbed about looking different. She underwent many plastic and cosmetic surgeries. When she finally removed her old face, revealing her new face, she wasn’t distressed of what people would say.
The change she has gone through is unbelievable, but it is her self-motivation, determination and inner beauty that we greatly admire.

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