You Will Definitely Cry When You Watch Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion Sing ‘The Prayer!


There are a number of songs which the Billboard magazine rates highly and one of them is “The Prayer”. This song is considered one of the greatest duets which have ever been performed over time. Recently, one Italian tenor by the name Andrea Bocelli surprised many fans when he took the stage and performed the song by a guest singer. The guest was Celine Dion herself!

From the given performance, it is not hard to discover the reason why “The Prayer” is one of the greatest songs ever! I now understand why the song topped 1998’s Golden Globe Award Best Original Song featuring the Quest for Camelot film. Surely, the two give a breath taking performance and the magnificent with which Celine and Bocelli exhibit say it all.

You can’t regret relaxing and sitting back to watch this stunning musical performance!

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