Daughter finds mom’s 1948 wedding dress after seeing familiar photos at the antique store


Jane Foster was shopping when she stumbled upon something interesting. At the window of the antique shop were some wedding photos on display.

It took her long before she realized she was staring at somehow familiar photos. It was the photo of her mom’s vintage wedding photos that had gone missing.

The photo together with other belongings had been auctioned off in 2003 after her family was unable to pay the storage fees. She searched for them for over 14 years.

Jane was relieved after making the discovery. However, the storekeeper had another surprise for her. Apart from the photos, the storekeeper had purchased a wedding gown too. It turned out the wedding dress belonged to her mother

Sadly, Jane’s mother passed away in 2013 and did not see her prized possession. Jane says it a sign her mother is watching over her.

What a coincidence that Jane finds her mom wedding photos and gown on the same day!

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