David Letterman Tells the Beagle to Play Dead, It Turns Out to be Very Hysterical


Bailey Beagle is remarkable for various reasons. Apart from his common attractive face, he is also unique for one particular trick. David Letterman decided to him during his show since Beagle tricks are very good. Though letterman suggests that Beagles are quite snarky, he does not really know how right he is until bailey performs.

With the words “play dead,” bailey responds by using a very old dog trick and exaggerates it further. Dogs have been seen to roll over as if they were in a war but on their hand they have never been seen to do what bailey does. It’s really amazing how bailey and the dad came up with the trick. It is very certain that people are constantly impressed with his hysterical skills.

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If it ever crossed your mind that bailey might play dead, then you should watch this dramatic dog acting an impressive death scene.

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