A Deer Was Found Covered By Snow. When They Observed Carefully, They Were Surprised!


This video shows what happened on the beach in Canada. A frightened doe was given another chance to live. I am really grateful for what the residents of Pointe-Verte did for this deer. I really like people who show concern for the animals.

There has been a heavy snowfall in the past few weeks and the deer population has been forced to move out of the forest in an attempt to find a favorable place. The deer mostly move to the beach in search of food. During the day, these animals cannot cross the road to go back into the forest. Instead, they prefer to move along the risky coastline.

By bad luck, this doe was walking along the coastline and she fell and ended up buried completely in the snow. What a sad thing for this beautiful creature. Jacques Roy happened to be passing by and he saw what had happened. At first he thought the deer could have died in the accident, but he noticed the deer was still breathing.

Roy and his friends ran towards the doe and did all they could to save this doe. What a wonderful video!

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