What This Parrot Did When He Noticed A Camera Recording Him Will Make You Laugh! LOL!


This bird is hilarious. I know some R&B stars are well known for milking it but this is ridiculous. What a diva! I can’t work out what the song is but it’s delivered with such theatricality that this bird must be convinced of its talent. It must be a nightmare to live with. I can only imagine the tantrums. Seriously though, the dexterity of the bird’s vocal display is remarkable. These birds do seem to have an understanding of music. There are some videos of them head bobbing in rhythm or moving rhythmically (I hesitate to say dancing) to music playing in the background. This bird even coughs in response to the owner. The birds talent for mimicry is hilarious, but it is obvious that it is enjoying itself immensely, in exactly the same way that people might enjoy singing to themselves. Personally, I don’t think I could tolerate the the noise. It’s hilarious the first few times, but after a thousand times I think the novelty might well wear off.

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