Dog Suspected To Have Died Appears Three Years Later. What A Shocking Surprise!


In 2012, Ben Harworth, a military by profession, relocated with his family from Georgia to South Korea due to some duty assignment. They left behind Zeus, a family dog of the Chow/ Rottweiler/ German Shepherd mix, which weighed 65lbs. A couple of months passed and they received a call that the dog who was left at the friend’s place had passed away.

Since they got brokenhearted to go back and Zeus wasn’t there, they decided to shift to Washington State, where the story took a splendid turn.

The past month, Laura, a lady from North Carolina spotted a huge dog loitering at her locality. He looked tired and wasted, but upon opening the car door, the dog leaped inside. She took him to the veterinary where he was done some microchip scanning by the meds who revealed that he was Zeus! Immediately she called the Harworth’s. She recalls that when he relayed the information to have found Zeus, they responded that he was long dead. But upon some more video chatting they believed that he was alive. The whereabouts of Zeus for these three years was a mystery, but Ben had a notion that one day Zeus will come home, and he did!

When she had made all the arrangements for Zeus to board a plane and go back to his beloved family, a heartworm was detected in him, making it impossible to travel from North Carolina to Washington. As there exists good Samaritans, a manager who is still on practice at Banfield hospital heard his story and offered to take him home, driving a distance of 3,000 miles!

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