Her Duck Spots Her Kid Alighting A Bus, And It Does This. Unbelievable


As children, most of us were used to having dogs and cats as pets to welcome us home when we came from school, but this video has something else to show you.

It’s not what you think, it’s a duck!

Jonny and Jamie, his mom, have a duck called Nibbles, and this bird has some real feelings for Jamie’s son.

You never expected that a mere duck can ever have such a strong bond with a human. Well, it’s about time you scrapped that stereotype, because Jonny and Nibbles don’t stick to it. When Nibbles see Jonny come home, the moment goes beyond description. You just have to watch and see!

We all would love to see a small, yellow duck floating on our sinks, but most people abandon the birds when they grow up and are no longer the yellow birds.

Watching Nibbles welcome Jonny home, I get a strong feeling that even these birds should have a forever home too. You have to admit that this duck really has a cool personality!

This video made me smile very widely and laugh loudly, and you’re about to go through that too. If this duck steals your kind heart,SHARE this clip on Facebook and let itsteal some more!

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