Ever Seen A Bird Boogying? Watch As He Moves His Feet Rhythmically! WOW!


One of the energetic performances out there is tap-dancing. It has all along been thought that it’s only humans who are able to do it – but that’s not true. In the video below, we witness this bird moving his feet to the rhythm so perfectly. What an impression his feet creates with the beat! I bet that this bird taps his feet better than me.

One true thing is that many birds out there like to dance. To me, this crazy cockatoo who loves jigging to Elvis is my favorite bird dancer! What attracts me is his small feet as they tap the ground in accord with the rhythm of the song! He does it so well having in mind that he never attended dancing classes. What a good dancer!

Other people think that he is dancing vigorously because he is doing what is called marking his territory. Even if that is true, his vigorous dance to keep other birds away is so lovely! I can’t have enough watch of this dance.

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