Firefighters respond to rescue a boy who had fallen into a deep hole, but a surprise welcomes them


It all started when Gabe Allbritton noted that the family dog was missing and set out to find him. While conducting the search, Gabe fell into a hole that was 23-foot-deep. Before Gabe fell into the hole, no one had seen the dog for two days.

Gabe’s grandmother recalled that her grandson was in the yard a few moments before he went missing. She had never known that there was a hole in the yard until that day. Moments afterAllbritton called the authorities, the rescue team arrived.

Since the whole was too narrow for the rescue to be a success, they had to spend around 3 ½ hours. Finally, Gabe was rescued and moments after they also saved the dog. Luckily, Gabe only had bruises and scratches with no broken bones. The video below was provided by ABC News and it has covered the events that happened on that fateful dog.

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