Former actress shares her cervical cancer scare that will make you pay attention to your health


The thought of having cancer is a scary!

Former NCIS actress Cote de Pablo juggled her time working and spending some time with family. She did not pay much attention to her health and kept postponing her Pap test.

By the time she went in for the test, things were not looking too good. The actress suspected she might have ovarian cancer.

CDC statistics show that 93,000 women in the US have gynecologic cancer (vulvar, uterine, ovarian, and uterine).
Fortunately, Cote was given a clean bill of health. However, the test results were a wakeup call. Going for regular Pap tests is an important thing for the actress and her family.

The actress shared her cancer scare story and champions for women to take charge of their reproductive health. Talk toyour doctor about any unusual symptoms too.

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