This Former Homeless Marine Impresses Every One When He Does This… What A skill!


No one seemed to remember this homeless former Marine in Sarasota, Florida, until he was caught on video exhibiting his secret talent.

On June 2009, Aroar Natasha, posted the clip on Facebook, with the words “Just took my breath away. Wow.” This received more than a million views.

One of the seven pianos placed in the city by the Sarasota Keys project, a nonprofit organization is played daily by Donald Gould, who is aged 51 years. The projects goal is to bring art and music to the Sarasota district. This homeless man has got a golden voice that everyone would be in awe of his talent.

Gould told the Florida’s news station WFLA, that it was his urge to turn on happiness on people, and he has always sat on top of the keyboard, with his hat somewhere out there, hoping to make some hints due to him being homeless.

He said that he is still shocked over his abrupt fame, which is awesome to him.

He confessed to having passed a hard life, when his wife passed away in 1998, and his son separated from him due to his drug addiction.

To him every day is a painful day, as he always thinks of his son from the time he lost his son. In August 24, he turned 18 years of age and he wishes that he would come to look for him.

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EXTRAORDINARY: Homeless man entertains on free piano.

Posted by WABC-TV Channel 7 Eyewitness News on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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