She gives a parrot the mic, what follows leaves all in stitches


You think someone with a name like Einstein is bright, but what if that somebody is a bird?

The truth is, with the exclusion of Albert, Einstein the Parrot can likely be the most remarkable sample out there.
This grey African does not only have an unusual expression but a sense of timing that most slapstick comedians would want.

Einstein initially became celebrated when he was involved in the Monterey final celebrations of the conference almost ten years ago.
Coming on stage with a person co-host, Einstein’s series of imitations, sound effects, and dance moves won the crowd and caused him to become real YouTube impression. The video has 850,000 views since its initial upload in 2008.

Einstein has his website. He was born in June 1997. His 19th birthday will be soon, and his list of imitations and antics has only grown ever since, mostly his imitation of fellow Texans like that of Matthew McConaughey in 2014 that became famous.

This clip captures the parrot’s impression of McConaughey’s trademark. Please watch and SHARE with your loved ones.

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