Giving Up A Puppy SheRescued Was Hard For This Little Girl. But A Shocking Twist Follows Some Days Later!


A seven-year-old girl from New Jersey, called Elizabeth has always liked to help needy animals since she has a heart of gold. Though being so young, she has already begun her animal rescue career.

She always enjoys accompanying her parents when going for pet rescue missions on a volunteer basis. Elizabeth tries to stay professional and do the job. It was inevitable for her to fall in love with some of the rescued animal. After all she is only seven!

Eventually, while doing a rescue mission in December 2014, Elizabeth found herself totally blownaway by a little adorable puppy, called Lorelai. When the time came to hand puppy Lorelai over for medical attention and subsequent adoption, the little girl was heartbroken.

All hopes seemed to be gone for the sweet Elizabeth and the beloved puppy she rescued. Fortunately her story got to Meredith, who decided to do a special rescue mission. Little Elizabeth was not aware of the surprise that would follow on Vieira show which the little girl and her family were brought to attend in recognition of their good deeds.

Your heart will melt away by watching this video when you see happy Elizabeth hugging her beloved Lorelai! Can you imagine anything more touching?

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