A Great Animal Is Lying On The Ground. Now See What This Lady Is Doing To The Tired Creature. I’m In Love!


One Thai lady is getting talked about, and for more reasons than just caring for rescued animals. Apparently, LekChailert has something more to offer this giant creature than just shelter.

In Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, there’s that famous pachyderm, the Elephant Nature Park, and that’s where this nice lady does her cool thing.

It’s no secret that the loving lady loves and takes really good care of the animals, which  she thinks of as her babies, and so well that when this giant elephant, Faa Mai, gets tired and slumps itself down for some rest, Lekdoes something that you’ll love to know about.

The good lady figured that this particularly big mammal loves some good songs, so she decided to sing a really nice lullaby for the big creature, and you’ll promptly notice the effect it has on it. Awesome!

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