Meet Lizzy, The World’s Tallest Female Dog


Great Danes are known to be rather tall dogs, but like humans, shortest and tallest dogs exist as well. This video presents the tallest female dog in the world, who happened to end up in the Guinness World Records 2017 book. Her owner didn’t know that she would grow this tall when he got her.

Lizzy the Great Dane measures almost 38 in or 97 cm. She met her owner Greg when she was eight weeks old, and had four crates through her life. Her owner thinks she is a normal dog, but is sometimes surprised by how big she looks. When she hangs out with other dogs she probably notices the height difference. In any case, it seems like she still gets along well with them and doesn’t mind looking down all the time. She is somewhat more laid back than other dogs of the same breed. She seems to be a great Great Dane.

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