This guy was just feeding birds, but Americans are seeing Way more than that


There’s this popular song, “Free Bird,” that makes every American heart miss a beat. The song, Witten by Allen Collins and Ronnie Van Zant, inspires American patriotism in a way that advocates freedom for all. It’s for this reason that this video of a man doing something kind to wild birds is making people talk.

Jessie Peck is a fisherman and a bird lover. In the video, Jessie is at the Dutch Harbor in Alaska, and he’s in the company of some bald eagles. He has a bowel of fish that he wishes to feed to his avian friends. How he does it? It’s captivating!

Watch as Jessie hand feeds the eagles, with the tune of tune of “Free Bird” blasting in the background. The imagery is clear. It’s almost tangible!

This is so beautiful. Click play and watch it all.

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