So They Hate Water? Well, Watch This And You’ll Say “No.” It’s Decided!


There’s one belief, and then there’s the evidence. Now let’s examine this.

There’s this popular belief that a cat will be a smiling cat as long as it’s not splashing into water. Consequently, most people have taken it upon their innocent themselves to decide that these cute felines have no passion for water.

Personally, I’ve had a cat that loved water so much that I always had to let him into the running shower to keep him from crying. But the stereotypical opinion is that any cat will hate you and even run away if you take it anywhere near water.

On the contrary, there has been overwhelming evidence that this misinformed notion is overly and very seriously an erroneous conclusion. Citing coverage of this topic on Animal Planet’s blog, scientists explain that cats dislike water mainly becauseafter their domestication ages ago, their owners have always protected them from it, so they never adapted towatery environments. Another thing is that felines are typically self-groomers, meaning that they don’t really needto take showers that often.

Now, this video serves to further disapprove of the negative view, and you’ll nod when you watch these ones taking a bath. Watch, and please SHARE this with everyone you know and let’s dispel the rumors!

Bathtime, anyone? 😉 Check out these reasons to bath your cat:

Posted by Jackson Galaxy on Thursday, March 19, 2015

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