He Gets On The Train To Work Like He Always Does — Now Watch Who Sits Down Next To Him Today


There are some dogs who do things in a different and extraordinary way, dogs who will do all that they can in order to follow after their owner and spend the day with that individual. This video shares the story of a dog who is in love with his owner. This dog does not want to stay at home while his owner is working, he wants to be free to go with the owner and spend time with him. There is just one obstacle in the dog’s way. There is a fence surrounding the dog’s yard, and he does not have a way out. The dog is smart enough to figure out just what he needs to do. He climbs onto the trampoline that is in the backyard and he jumps. He uses that trampoline to get him out of the yard so that he can follow after his owner. The dog in this video is one smart animal.




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