What A Heart-wrenching Reaction After A Car Hits His Girlfriend. So Moving!


We have always known dogs as one of the best friends around. But have you ever asked yourself what happens when they lose their best friends?

History has recorded extreme reactions from loyal canines that did it when they lost their loved ones. The unwavering devotion of Bobby (a Skye terrier from Scotland) made him famous back in 1872. John Gray, his owner, died in 1858 and was never buried with a gravestone. As a faithful companion, he sniffed his way and remained at the graveyard guarding the spot for 14 years only went for quick meals up to 1872 when he died.  Finally funs of this pooch erected gravestone of the two’s graves and built a fountain in Edinburgh as a commemoration.

Despite Bobby’s small size, he has a big loyalty which can be likened to the size of a lion.

Booby is not alone, Romeo is another one. Juliet the girlfriend of the Houston, TX based stray Chihuahua had died when she was hit by a rogue car. He never ate anything or moved for a number of days from his love’s side since he was full of devastation.

Romeo’s story has some similarity to that of Shakespeare’s play and and ending that can be likened to The Lion King than Hamlet by Disney.

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