This Dedication To His Wife To Be After She Gets Involved In An Accident Makes Me Shed Tears


One of the famous participants of the ‘American Idol’ by the name Chris Medina takes his time to write and perform a song. This song is dedicated to his life’s love and he gave it a title by the name “What Are Words”.

Unfortunately for the two, the unexpected happens and the girl of his life is involved in a fatal accident.  Brain damage is what this unfortunate incident gives to the lady.  Life after the accident was never the same again a thing that makes Chris to express his feelings through this song.  He brings it out in a very powerful way that it will definitely make you shed some tears by watching and listening to the message the song puts across.

Surely, songs can help us put across feelings within us in a very unique way so as to leave us relieved. This is what this song does!

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