The Husband Does This While the Wife Is Giving Birth. This Left Me In Tears!


Don’t’ blame yourself if you end up shedding tears after watching this video- I also shed mine.

The couple within this video was looking forward to having a second child and decided to do a documentary featuring the birth journey. The way Matthew is fully dedicated watering his wife and at the same time ensuring everything is covered left me stunned. You have to keep on watching until you see gorgeous baby Sloane.

As revealed by WebMD, delivery and part of one’s labor or even both take place when one is in a the birth pool full of warm water. This can take place at home, a birthing center or in a hospital. The process can be seen through by a midwife, nurse-midwife or a doctor.

This heartwarming piece of work was covered Natasha Hance who works for Ahance Photography.
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