Aluminum Foil: Ideal Product to Cure a Handful of Sicknesses


Believe it or not, aluminum foil is not only good for wrapping edibles, as it can be utilized to treat sicknesses, too. Aluminum foil can reduce and relieve pain on the body when it’s placed on the painful area. It works well with salt deposits and can even be utilized to treat jogger’s heel. To the biologically active point, bio pathways will travel through the body. From this point, the bio pathways will then reflect and then return to the meridian point, where the pain will go away. This should only be performed for ten to twelve days. Before starting again, one should take a one or two week break.

Scarring on the body and can also be treated with aluminum foil. To treat postoperative scars, utilize the same treatment above.

The common cold can be cured with foil, too. To make this happen, you will need to wrap your feet in five to seven layers of aluminum foil, placing some cotton or paper between each layer. Leave it on for one hour. Give your feet a break for two hours and then repeat process. Repeat process again for a third time. Conducting this process for a week can get rid of the common cold.


There’s a lot of talk regarding the effectiveness of aluminum foil when it comes to curing diseases, but one thing is certain, this glossy foil surface is able to penetrate external inharmonious radiation present in the human body; therefore, it deposits inharmonious radiation in itself. For this reason, it is totally worth the shot. Put it to the test!

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