I’m Nervous When This Woman Is Approached By A Pack Of Wolves… So Mind-Blowing!


It’s hard to explain the kind of excitement that a pet feels the moment it reunites with his or her owner after being separated for some time. Those who have been in that situation before can testify that! Some of them wag their tails, like one’s face and jump on their owner’s lap as a way of expressing how happy they are.

Solders are the usual suspects when we start talking about people who stay away from home. Previously, we have brought to you different scenarios where pets rejoiced when their parents who are soldiers returned home from duty. Now, image how a wolf will react when in a similar position!

Meet Anita in this video who worked in the Polar Zoo before its name was changed to Polar Park. She played a role in making people socialize with wolves day in day out. At the time this clip was being captured, she had been away from her place of work for around 2 months and the kind of welcome she receives from the wolves once they learn she’s back is so heartwarming.

This is a woman has a special connection with these creatures and their reactions says it all. She is even able to respond back by showing some wolf traits such as opening her mouth whenever they lick her face. Should she fail to open it, they may think she’s responding negatively

This video is really astonishing!

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