The Japanese Save Their Time By Doing This. Learn The Presented Ingenuity!


A lot of grandchildren, grandparents, kids, and cousins exist within my big family. Whenever I give a present to each of them over the holiday season, I end up enjoying their smiles. I must confess that though that is the case, the least interesting thing I do over that period is wrapping all the presents. That was the case until I had the chance of watching this Japanese video that highlights a different way of wrapping presents that is quite different from what a number of American stores and people do.

When using the technique, what is to be wrapped in placed on a diagonal and with a few folds and moves, the gift is amazingly wrapped and looks wow! The whole process just requires 3 pieces of tape. To get additional information on doing this in video form, you are advised to search “Japanese gift wrapping” within YouTube. If you have never known there was a simple way of wrapping gifts, now you know! Or do you have any preferred method?

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