Kelly and Bocelli’s stunning performance of “The Prayer“ is mind-blowing


Music is a universal language. Now and then, there will be musical performances that will capture our hearts and stir the deepest emotions.

When Andrea Bocelli and Tori Kelly performed “The Prayer” together during a live performance in Seattle, the crowd went berserk. Their pure voices coupled with the live orchestra made the performance memorable.

Bocelli is renowned Italian songwriter and singer. He is famous for his countless classical hits and pop music that have over 80 million in record sales. He also performed in nine operas and collaborated with various artists.

Bocelli is legally blind. He was born with poor eyesight and suffered a football incident when he was young.

Kelly is also a singer and songwriter. She made g her debut at YouTube when she was 14. She appeared on American Idol but was eliminated. Kelly is an established singer and was nominatedfor the 58th Grammy Award for the best new artist.

The collaboration between the two is breathtaking. Watch the duo’s timeless performance below.

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