Would You Like To See Some ‘Cute Cactus’ Singing? Watch This!


In 1994, Terri Caldwell and her hubby came up with this cool idea of starting the Cactus Theater, and they based it in Lubbock, TX. The goal was to motivate the younger people to sing. What they didn’t know is that this was the beginning of something really great and popular.

At one point, Terri started a vocal academy where her own daughter, Cami, caught the germ.

Cami taught at the Terri Caldwell Music, and her mom took the chance to encourage her to come up with a performance group. That led to the birth of the Cactus Cuties in 2000.

The founding members were some small singers between 4-7 years of age, but the group became stronger during the 2000s as it developed over the years, with some members leaving and more coming in.

In this clip, you get to watch the best performance this cool group has ever pulled off. It’s a performance of the National Anthem back in 2008 duringa basketball game in Texas. The performers are between the ages of 8-13, and you’ll have to love their show.

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