Little Boy Gets Embroiled In A Face-off With Two Cute Twins. This One Totally Got Me. Too Hilarious!


When a kid thinks and believes it’s A, you would have to walk to the moon and back to convince them it’s B. We have a case in point!

Here’s a boy, and here are two good twins who happen to be in the same class as the boy. Now, the boy thins it’s sprinkling outside, because his mom said so, while the two ladies have another opinion. However, this boy isn’t in a position to believe that it’s raining when it’s actually just “sprinkling,” and he takes it upon his cute self to tell the two ladies now they’re wrong.

One twin is adamant that it’s raining, so much to a point where the debate gets so heated that the second twin has to chip in as the moderator. It’s just hilarious. Finally, the boy says something that will send you limping to the corner in giggles.

Watching this clip, I had to give the boy the kudos for gathering all the courage to antagonize the two sharp females. At some point, you can hear a fourth voice contributing to the debate from the background.

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