What The Little Girl Was Caught Doing In The Kitchen Made Me Crack Up!


Watching toddlers has never stopped to amaze. You’re advised to have your video camera around when near toddlers because you never know the amazing things they are about to do next.

I hope you remember the twins who were conversing in a language only them understood or the little boy who was caught by his parents dancing to “Single Ladies,”Beyoncé’s song.

Today, we’re also meeting another toddler who has been caught in the act. The little girl is in the kitchen exhibiting some dance moves to “Uptown Funk,” Bruno Mars’ single. She seems to be aware of the captivating songs and is doing the needed justice. Watching the little kid do her thing is so tempting and may make you stand up and join her. Don’t you think the little girl will soon or later give Bruno Mars a run for his money?

She knows how to manage her stage well as she moves around the floor. Her kind of booty shaking and hip action together with her attitude are enough to tell you the career path the little girl is about to take.

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