Lives of Millions of Babies Saved by This Man’s 77-Year-Old… Magic Blood


Though in his 70’s, James Harrison is not about to stop a humanity act which has always done since he was 18 years of age.  He has regularly donated blood after every couple of weeks. James does not stop there; he has more to add on his charitable deeds.

When in his teens, he had been forced to undergo some surgery which needed blood donation. Since then, he made a vow to help those who needed the same help. It was after making several donations that something special within his blood was discovered by doctors.  James’ blood was Rh-negative a thing that meant he had a very rare antibody within his blood. The antibody has the capability of helping babies suffering from Rhesus disease recover and curb the disease that was killing thousands of babies within Australia.

Not only has his donations provided doctors with a vaccine for Rhesus but also, saved lives of over 2 million babies. His grandson is also inclusive.

56 years down the line, the thoughts of stopping donating his blood have never crossed James’ mind.

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