I Am Made To Cry When I Discovered The Reason Why She Broke Into Tears On Her Show!


Hardly do you see TV personalities break into tears while discussing about personal matters while in front of a camera. That is exactly what Ellen did some times back. I was left speechless when Ellen decided to be real as opposed to others who treat viewers to monologues, pranks and hilarious skits.

Ellen laments within this dramatic story when an organization took the dog she had trained after rescuing it. After noting that she never had enough time to train the dog well, she gave it to a co-worker and close friend. Though the family treated the dog well, the organization took the dog away back to the shelter when they discovered what Ellen had done. Ellen feels guilty and begs the association to consider returning the dog.

This made me feel the pain Ellen was going through. I believe the family should be given the second chance of taking the dog back by following the necessary application process. I believe sometimes rules have to be bent a little bit when situations like these arise.

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