He mixes dry mud and water; the result will make you love drywall artwork


When many individuals imagine of artwork, drywall does not cross their mind. However, according to Drywall Nation, for Bernie Mitchell, the best place to do his work is drywall.

Using mud and drywall, he crafts full artwork on walls. Mitchell first started experimenting with art wall surfaces using wheat and barley stalks. In the end, he started molding and carving portraits onto leather. As said by Mitchell’s site, he applied similar methods to start creating on drywall.

Mitchell is a drywall service provider and makes use of his skills to include artwork in cottages and homes in Canada. As stated by his website, he frequently uses birds in his illustrations and also likes carving wolves, horses, and dogs, according to his website.

To get the pictures, Mitchell applies various tools such as paintbrushes, knives, and spoons to shape his creations with a blend of drywall mud, some water, and dry setting mix, in keeping with Tools of the Trade. The compound is meant to attach to the wall with no sinking.

Mitchell was awarded the Drywall Artist of the Year Award in 2014, as said by Trim-Tex and is now working on including lessons on products, lighting, and location options to his website.

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