Mom Abandons Her Little One, You Can’t Guess Who Comes Along. WOW!


A dog by the name Blakely was once rescued and taken to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, when he was 7 months old. Currently, he is the only animal that takes care of the zoo!

Taking care of animals rejected by their mothers is part of his job. Currently, his job is to watch out for a goat-antelope animal known as Dale. Although they are animals of differentspecies, they are so inseparable.

Because of rejection from her mom, Dale was forced to quit the Takins’ group, making his friendship with Blakely strong. Now the responsibility of Blakely is to see that Dale becomes social, so that he can have a normal zoo life. Although Blakely is not a maternal substitute, he offers the kind of friendship and care that Dale needs.

Hopefully, Dale will grow to attain 500 pounds, but currently, the two friends are doing well. In the following video, the two are playing a tug-of-war game which seems not to end anytime soon. Their keepers take them for an out each and every morning and the zoo team said that Blakely’s work is to teach dale how to socialize with other animals.

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