Mom acts when she learns her son’s lunch has been thrown away because of a $5 debt


One concerned mom made some hungry students to smile when he cleared their outstanding lunch balance. Amanda Keown is the name of the name who visited the Michigan based high school when he was informed by her son that he had been barred from taking lunch.

Dominic Gant, her son, who was a student at Dowagiac Union High School was served his lunch that day, but when his account was checked by the lunchroom staff, they discovered he had a debt of $5. Since he had $2 at that time, he was willing to pay part of the debt. As reported by NPR, the lunchroom staff were not ready to take it and instead went ahead and threw away his meal. Something that badly embarrassed Gant, who went ahead and called his mom.

Keown was annoyed by the incident and took Gant out to take his lunch. Afterwards he cleared what her son owed the school and cleared the debt of 19 other students by paying around $200. She did not stop there; she went ahead to set up a petition.

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